4.1 Combining numerical methods and software


Development of an operating platform that integrates methods and software delivered during the project


The primary pursuit of this action is tο design an architecture that will lay the foundation for a unified approach when dealing with complex problems, covering both the need to design/develop software able to incorporate modern computing sytems, and the development of an operating environment for solving complex problems, which integrates methods and software from WP 2, enables the exploitation of contemporary computing systems and facilitates the efficient usage of operational units. This environment will become the evaluation platform for complex PDEs solution methods and their validation in important Environmental Engineering and Medical problems.




  • Technical report with detailed description of the results
  • Publicate 2 articles in international scientific journals or/and conference proceedings.
  • Innovative software as a problem solution platform


The University of Thessaly Research Team is the main work group that will carry out the greater part of the action, will author and publish the results and edit a technical report with the description of the scientific activities that took place during the action and the research results that emerged.