2.4 Fokas transform methods


Exploration and adjustment of the innovative analytical Fokas transform method for the solution of PDEs, evolutionary or not, with discontinuous coefficients.


The primary research activity of the action is focusing on the consideration and adjustment of this innovative transform mathematical method for the solution of complex PDE problems with discontinuous coefficients. This procedure includes the development of analytical or numerical solution methods,  generalized conditioned or with the respective Dirichlet-Neumann in case of discontinuous coefficients, and the development of closed form solutions with respect to time, in mainstream problems (brain tumour invasion problems) in order to produce results in time without intermediate time steps.




  • 1 technical report
  • Publication of at least 2 scientific articles in international scientific journals or/and conference proceedings.


The Technical University of Crete Research Team, with Professor A. Fokas contributing as an invited researcher, is the main work group that will carry out the greater part of the action, will author and publish the results and edit a technical report with the description of the scientific activities that took place during the action and the research results that emerged.