Workshops @ NumAn2014


The 6th international conference on Numerical Analysis, NumAn 2014, took place at the Mediterranean Centre for Architecture at the old harbour of Chania, during the week of September 2 - September 5, 2014, featuring recent research and approaches on numerical analysis and high performance computing. Members of the MATENVMED research teams presented their work in the conference, during 2 workshops.


In particular, during the Workshop on Fokas method, Prof. Fokas and external collaborator A. Sifalakis presented their latest work, while S. Likothanassis, P. Tsompanopoulou, N. Bellas, C. Antonopoulos, E. Vavalis, I. Athanasakis, N. Vilanakis, E. Maroudas, A Fevgas and A. Korfiati participated in the Workshop on multiphysics-multidomain problems. P. Stratis participated in the poster session.

In the following links, you may find the abstract of its MATENVMED participant presentation.


Numerical Solution of the Unified Transform for Linear Elliptic PDEs in Polygonal Domains, A. Fokas

Fokas transform method for classes of advection-diffusion IBVPs, A. Sifalakis

Application of a hybrid parallel Monte Carlo PDE Solver on rectangular multi-domains, S. Likothanassis

Interface Relaxation Methods for the solution of Multi-Physics Problems, P. Tsompanopoulou

Serial and Parallel Implementation of the Interface Relaxation Method GEO, A. Korfiati

Discontinuous Hermite Collocation and Runge-Kutta schemes for multi-domain linear and non-linear brain tumor invasion models, I. Athanasakis

Solving discontinuous collocation equations for a class of brain tumor models on GPUs, N. Vilanakis

Significance-Based Computing for Reliability and Power Optimization, N. Bellas

SOpenCL: An Infrastructure for Transparently Integrating FPGAs in Heterogeneous, Accelerator-Based Systems, C. Antonopoulos

Software Platforms for Multi-Domain Multi-Physics Simulations, M. Maroudas

Exploring the Performance of Out-of-Core Linear Algebra Algorithms in Flash based Storage, A. Fevgas

On the Numerical Solution of Power Flow Problems, E. Vavalis

Stochastic optimization for a problem of saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers with heterogeneous hydraulic conductivity, P. Stratis


You may find out more about the NumAn 2014 research papers and download them from the Applied Mathematics & Computers Lab Digital Library webpage "Triton".