Actions - Deliverables

Work Package 1


Project coordination and future planning

The objective of WP1 is, on one hand, the coordination of the project so that each action's specific goals will be achieved and the deliverables will be carried out, while on the other, to design and schedule specific actions for the future consistence and expansion of the Research Teams collaboration  so that they, prospectively, form a National - and later a European - Scientific Computing Network. Part of the commitments in the coordination of the project is the compilation of 3 annual progress reports, that will include details about the scientific activities that took place during the project and the research progress. At the end of the project, the Project's Coordinator along with the MRT members, will submit the Final Activities Report and Future Collaboration, where all the deliverables of the Project will be attached.

Work Package 2


Numerical and analytical methods for multiple-field discontinuous problems

Research and development of new analytical, numerical and computational methods as well as adjustment of classic numerical methods for the solution of multiple-field discontinuous problems. In particular, the following actions run under WP2

2.1 Discontinuous/Hybrid Collocation methods
2.2 Interface Relaxation methods
2.3 Stochastic/Deterministic hybrid methods
2.4 Fokas transform methods

Work Package 3


Implementation on modern computing environments

Explore the usage of many-core architectures, conventional and emerging multithreaded (Cell BE, GPUs, Larrabee) architectures and FPGAs, in order to accelerate the execution of the scientific computing software that will be developed for the numerical solution of multiple fields discontinuous problems. In particular, the following actions run under WP3

3.1 Implementation on Clusters, Grids και Clouds
3.2 Implementation on FPGAs & Reconfigurable Arrays

Work Package 4


Combining, evaluation and validation

Develop a functional environment where all the methods and software that will arise during the project will be incorporated. In addition, the evaluation and validation of the those methods is part of the WP. Namely, the actions that run under WP4 are

4.1 Combining numerical methods and software
4.2 Validation of the results: Medical problems
4.3 Validation of the results Environmental Engineering problems

Work Package 5


Dissemination of the results

This WP includes all the actions that are necessary for the succesful publication of the project's results, as well as the announcements for possible future actions aimed at the establishment of a National Scientific Network, targeting both the scientific community and the public. This website is also part of the effort. It comprises information about the project's targets, funding sources, collaborators, various activities and publications, and is updated in a regular basis. Furthermore, during the last semester of the project, a scientific workshop will be hosted at the Technical University of Crete where all the results will be presented and the planning of future scientific actions that will bind the continuity and the expansion of the cooperation of the research teams.