Research Teams

The implementations of the Project's Actions involve members from three Greek Educational Institutes. Each participating institute has set up a Research Team, consisting of Main Research Team members (faculty members) and External Collaborators (postdoctoral associates, phd candidates and postgraduate students). In particular,


  • 1st Research Team
    The 1st Research Team, established in the Technical University of Crete, has also undertaken the coordination of the project. Head of the Research Team is Professor Yiannis Saridakis.

  • 2nd Research Team
    The 2nd Research Team, established in the University of Thessaly. Head of the Research Team is Professor Elias Houstis.
  • 3η Research Team
    The 3rd Research Team, established in the University of Patras. Head of the Research Team is Professor Spiridon Likothanassis.

The name list of the currently participating members and past participants of the Research Teams is as follows:


MRT Members   External Col. Educational Inst.
Saridakis Yiannis   Athanasakis Ioannis Technical University of Crete
Fokas Athanassios*   Vilanakis Nikolaos Technical University of Crete
Papadopoulou Elena   Karasavvidis Stefanos Technical University of Crete
Karatzas George   Papadomanolaki Maria Technical University of Crete
Christara Christina*   Pitsonis Vasilios Technical University of Crete
Mathioudakis Emmanuel   Sifalakis Anastasis Technical University of Crete
    Stratis Paraskevas Technical University of Crete
Houstis Elias   Vasiliadis Vasilios University of Thessaly
Vavalis Manolis   Dimtsas Antonios University of Thessaly
Bellas Nikolaos   Maroudas Emmanouil University of Thessaly
Tsompanopoulou Panayiota   Daloukas Konstantis University of Thessaly
Antonopoulos Christos   Fevgas Athanasios University of Thessaly
Papatheodorou Theodoros**   Korfiati Aigli University of Patras
Likothanassis Spiridon   Spirou Alexandros University of Patras
Alefragkis Panayiotis     University of Patras
More information about each participant is available in the respective Research Team page.