4.3 Validation of the results: Environmental Engineering problems


Study of the saltwater intrusion problem into fresh water aquifers

Saltwater intrusion in freshwater aquifers is a problem of increasing signi cance in areas nearby the coastline. Apart from natural disastrous phenomena, such as earthquakes or floods, intense pumping human activities over the aquifer areas may change the chemical composition of the freshwater aquifer. The mathematical models that are used to describe the problem belong to the PDE category with discontinuous coefficients, because of the heterogeneity of the ground hydraulic conductivity. The main goal of the action is on the one hand, to validate the project's results (methods and software efficiency) in such an important environmental problem, and on the other, to study the optimal management of the aquifer using an efficient stochastic optimization algorithm (ALOPEX).




  • Technical report of the results.
  • Publication of at least 1 scientific articles in international scientific journals or/and conference proceedings.


The Technical University of Crete Research Team is the main work group that will carry out the greater part of the action, will author and publish the results and edit a technical report with the description of the scientific activities that took place during the action and the research results that emerged.