The MATENVMED results Workshop has been successfully completed, bringing the journey of the MATENVMED research program, that began 3 years ago, to an end. The workshop was attended by all the members of the MATENVMED research teams and the assessors of Thales research program and during its course, the research results in each action were presented. You may find more details on the Workshop in its…
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The MATENVMED results Workshop is scheduled to take place in the Department of Sciences amphitheater on Saturday, November 14th 2015. During the workshop, the members of the MATENVMED research teams will present the results in the actions they contributed. The workshop starts at 10:00 am and the schedule is available here (in Greek).
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A great accomplishment for the MATENVMED project as the Best Paper Award was awarded to two research papers and the Certificate of Merit to another one, that were presented in the World Congress of Engineering. The candidate papers were judged on originality, significance, correctness and clarity and eventually, in the International Conference of Applied and Engineering Mathematics the Best Paper…
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The research work titled "An Asynchronous Interface Relaxation Method for Multi-domain/Multi-physics Problems" was presented in the International Conference ICNAAM 2015, that took place in Rhodes, Spetember 23-29 2015. The research paper was a joint work from members of the MATENVMED research teams, namely A.Korfiati, K. Daloukas, P. Alefragkis, P. Tsompanopoulou and S. Lykothanassis. Find out…
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